Why is it so hard to find cute baby boy products?  Onesies don’t seem to be too much of a problem – in stores they have cute cars and tractors and monkeys.  But once your boy grows up to be like 6 months and you are looking for something other than a onesie – there is almost nothing out there!

The JC Penny near my house has a smallish infant section that I knew by heart when my baby was small.  I loved the cute outfits by Carters and bought him lots of sleepsuits and onesies with cute designs on them.  Once he got to 6-12 months old though, they have a huge section of little girl dresses and various other pink outfits.  I looked for the companion boy section.  After turning around a few times and walking down the aisles, feeling like an idiot, I stopped a salesperson and asked where I could find the boy section that matches this pre-toddler array for girls.  Her answer?  No such section existed.  Moms only get to indulge their little baby girls!

I had the same frustration with just finding fun products in general – for girls there were skirts and tights and mary jane socks.  There are headbands and bracelets and leg warmers.  Yes, it is true they make boy leg warmers – but my husband forbid any such thing on his baby boy.  To girly he thought – and he is not a macho man by any means.

There are some cute baby boy shoes – Robeez makes some shoes with cars on them and See Kai Run had some cute sneakers and sandals that seemed very boyish.  But is it just me or are they always always always sold out?  I felt like I was trying to buy a Cabbage Patch Doll in 1983 or something.  They are never in stock.

So let’s see – I buy him a tractor or a monkey onesie.  Then I hang out on Amazon or Diapers.com all day and night and finally snag myself some 6-9 months Mazi Blue See Kai Run shoes (for $34-50) – if I’m so lucky.  Ok, starting to get fun to dress him.  But that’s it really – a shirt and a sneaker.  There must be something else to buy for baby boys!  I yearn for that big pink wall at JC Penny and the mary janes and the ballet slippers and the headbands.  I mean I realize that it is us girls/women who like to do the dressing up, but after all we are still the mothers to baby boys that we want to outfit in cool accessories just the same!  Baby boy moms should not be so tortured.

Any ideas?  What kinds of baby boy products do we need to create to somewhat equalize the gender fashion fun playing field?


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