Buying organic cotton cloth was actually a lot more difficult than we expected it would be.  Our cotton is certified – OE 100, GOTS and OE Blended.  We have to buy the cotton in raw form and have it spun specially for us.  We were surprised that organic cotton wasn’t easier to come by, but the textile world is still filled with conventional cotton.  We had only a few options to find cotton that we were certain was certified, and we had to buy it in a large amount and pay to have it spun just for us.

The drawback is that we have to put a large outlay of money upfront.  We have no idea if we have a market (we hope so!  please come back and check out our clothes!), but we have to take a risk and put a bunch of money down to buy the bulk of cotton and have it spun – before even our first unit of clothing is made (and hopefully sold!).

I know that I found it frustrating when I had my first baby and shopped for organic baby clothes.  My son was born in 2009, the midst of the recession, and our family income had been drastically reduced.  But I was sufficiently wary of the conventional means of making cotton that I thought it was important to find organic clothes where possible.  But at $20-25 per organic onesie, it was impossible to buy a whole wardrobe of organic PLUS all the other baby paraphernalia I needed.

We want to make our clothes affordable.  They won’t be as cheap as the Carter’s onesies at Target, but I hope to make great quality organic baby clothing affordable to the regular mom as much as possible.   Our final price has yet to be set though, and we are trying to keep our costs down, but the costs do seem to creep up if you aren’t careful.  But I would never feel good about myself if I sold clothing that wasn’t quality and wasn’t at a fair price.


One Response to Why are organic baby clothes so expensive?

  1. John Kim says:

    I guess it’s expensive because of the labor involved. But I think we are in too much of an organic craze. It’s getting ridiculous

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