Apologies for my absence on this blog – I was busy having my second baby!  He was born last week in the middle of the night.  How he is home and it is very exciting to have a new addition to the family.  His older brother is very happy and interested in him and always looking to help out with his new little brother.

What a difference it makes to have a quiet baby!  My first son cried a lot the first five months of his life and I had equated young babies with a constant struggle to keep them happy.  So far this new guy is very easy-going.  Maybe a cry here or there when he is hungry, but other than that he is happy as a clam.  It is very interesting to see the differences between your children.

I have lots of dreams for the future for the two brothers – lots of playtime and sports and time to hang out with the family.  Lots of organic clothes and healthy food and anything I can give them to have an optimal environment to grow and thrive in.

Meanwhile our Little World Peas clothing line is in production.  We picked the colors and styles and the first 2500 units are being made right now.  The process was definitely longer than we expected, but we wanted to make sure the clothing was a product we could truly be proud of.  It will take another 90 days until the clothes arrive in our hands – enough time to buy the soft, high quality organic cotton, spin it into cloth, dye it, sew it into our patterns and ship it by boat over to us.  90 days seems like an eternity, but it will be well worth it when it arrives.

My son’s first outfit was a Little World Peas kimono onesie prototype!  Compared to the hospital outfit it was so soft and well-made.   I cannot wait to share the clothing with the rest of the world.


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