Bamboo is the new eco-friendly fabric.  It is renowned for being not only organic, but also super-soft – comparable to cashmere.  Does it live up to the hype?

The first thing I bought after baby Derek was born was the Aden + Anais swaddles.  It is June after all and I don’t even have air conditioning!  I bought the organic cotton muslin swaddles and they are truly fantastic – very big, very light and airy and perfect for just about everything from swaddling to blankets to stroller covers.  After owning and loving these beautiful swaddles for a couple of weeks, my friend gave me a gift of the Aden + Anais bamboo swaddles.

How did the cotton muslin compare to the bamboo swaddles?  Just unbelievable.  The bamboo is so incredibly soft – truly comparable to cashmere or silk.  It is the kind of fabric that you can’t stop yourself from touching every chance you get.  Both of these Aden + Anais products are fantastic – beautiful patterns and very useful, but the bamboo material is just out of this world special.

Our baby clothes are all made of 100% organic cotton.  We had considering purchasing organic bamboo fabric as well, but we had to find a second factory and we wanted to specialize and perfect our products in just one textile for now.  In addition we were warned by several people that bamboo is not durable.  Since it is a very short fiber, it tends to fall apart very quickly and customers often complain since they expect it to be of similar durability to cotton products.

Now that I’ve become more knowledgeable about bamboo I’ve learned that the grass fibers are so short that it can’t even be spun into yarn using traditional means.  How ironic that this “eco-friendly” material uses the latest technology just to be spun into fabric!  This is also why it falls apart easily.  Maybe that is ok – after all, babies don’t stay babies for long and perhaps the life span of a bamboo product is long enough for the use of a baby product.  I plan to use and reuse my bamboo onesies and bamboo swaddles and test out their durability.  It would be great to add bamboo fabric to our collection of baby clothes, but I want to make sure that we don’t sacrifice quality.


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