Was at a friend’s gathering a few nights ago, and one mentioned that she wants to start a food allergy blog because she is allergic to so many different things. It seems like everyone has allergies these days.

A lot of people are concerned about the allergic reactions from food intake, but not from the clothing we wear. Imagine the amount of the chemicals that go into the fabric processing, and how much we absorb through our skin by wearing them day in and day out. Like it isn’t enough to be constantly exposed to the many harmful particles and environment we live in. I have very sensitive skin, and before I realized that, I was just accustomed to having itchy red rashes all over my body – I thought that was normal! I’ve gone to the doctors, tried anti-itching cream with steroids, took many allergy medicines, but no use. Until one day I realized only when I wore the soft organic cotton do I feel markedly better.

Our babies can’t tell us if they feel itchy, they can’t communicate to us what works best for them or not, and so many of them suffer from red, unexplained rashes. We all buy loads of lotion, Dessiten, Butt Paste, etc. Is that really all we can do? Have you ever wondered as a mother what the root of the problem is? Organic cotton is worth a try.


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