Baby #2 is likely our last child (we think!).   Many parents hope for one of each gender so they can experience both a boy and a girl.  I was actually really happy to find out that it is a second boy because I liked the potential for the two kids to have more in common.    Since I grew up in a household with two daughters and a stay-at-home-mom, I feel like I have no idea how to raise and live amongst boys – I am an expert in the female mind and growth stages and feel kind of clueless about boys.   It was a shock for me to realize that I won’t even be directly using all that hard-earned knowledge.  It will be all new.

My sister is having a boy as well.  That means my parents will have had 2 daughters and 4 grandsons!  My sister is quite the fashion goddess, so it was especially a shock for her to know she will be shopping for blue pants and not pink dresses.   In my quest to collect great baby products, I’ve asked my sister to find and share her favorites- and would you believe that they are all for baby girls!  She will need to do a 180 to dress her little munchkin coming in August.

My sister’s favorites:

baby leg warmers
japanese baby shoes
mary jane socks
zebra slippers
ballet shoes: these or these

Either my sister has some adjusting to do or her baby boy is going to have to learn to like pink!


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