My older son and I got out all of his old baby clothes and went through them one by one to fill his little brother’s dresser in preparation for his arrival.  What a fun activity it was – me reminiscing of my first baby when he was just a tiny thing and he, know a toddler, trying on all the clothes that he can and imagining just how small his new baby brother will be.

The cache of bibs and hats and socks and sleepsuits – he wanted to try them all on!  With varying success of course, because he sure has grown up a lot and it is amazing to me that any of these things ever fit him.

The stash:
Dozens of bibs – most of them stained
Hats – most of them worn only a couple of times since my first baby’s head was so big
Socks – odd assortment of mostly unmatchable socks
Sleepsuits – he was a January baby!  Only one or two shortsleeves which is not nearly enough for this summer baby.

Where did all of the clothes go?  It is a mystery.  Looks like I desperately need some organic onesies, preferably shortsleeves.

The older brother is very excited for his younger brother’s arrival – he kisses my stomach and asks for him in the mornings.  We talk about how we will feed him with bottles and change his diapers.   He points out his crib and dresser to me telling me that soon his little brother will make use of these items.

However, I don’t think he realizes that his brother will be too young and helpless to play with him right away.  It may take a few months before his brother becomes a playmate, but I am really looking forward to watching them grow up together.


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